For Communities.
Social economy.
Public spaces.

Participative development, support
and creation of processes and scenarios.

Crisis is also opportunity.

Exhibition series of Viennese posters in empty spaces in the city of Stadthagen at the beginning of the Corona crisis. A collegial project with exhibits from the poster archive of designaustria.

#timoelker Exhibition Design #martinfössleitner Graphic/ Information Design #danielgeorge Photo #andreaspenke Exhibition Design #thomasbade Concept #bennetblume Podcast 

Supported by the economic development of the city of Stadthagen


Show attitude.
Making the forgotten visible again.

Unusual poster presentation on the occasion of the anniversary of the dropping of atomic bombs on Nagasaki and Hiroshima (August 6-9, 1945).

Annual growing poster exhibition of the Japanese Association of Graphic Artists* in a pop up presentation at the Hiroshima Memorial Grove Hannover.

#thomasbade concept #martinfössleitner design # danielgeorge photos #svencordes supporter #citizens from Hanover and surrounding areas.


The days of shopping malls are over. Communities must reinvent themselves. This requires informal and formal alliances of all citizens. The potential of communities and their citizens, from young to old, must be discovered and activated.

Examples include the Living Care Lab Schaumburg and the project Stadthagen. The healthy city for all.

#thomasbade concepts #economic development #stadthagen cooperations and implementations


For more than 15 years, the main focus for me has been the subject areas of universal design such as product design, public design, service design, health and care, geriatric care and architecture.

The Institute for Universal Design, which I founded, was taken over by Carolin Pauly at the turn of the year 2023. Together we have a lot of plans for the future. You can be curious!

Martin Fössleitner and I will continue to develop the 24/7 Museum with new formats and exhibitions.


Almost all photos used on my homepage were staged and realized by the photographer Daniel George from Hannover.

Our professional cooperation exists for more than 25 remarkable years! And I am always fascinated by the authenticity and creativity of his work. In 2022 we met in Daniel's studio for a fun photo session. This is where my personal favorite photo was taken spontaneously. 

Thank you, Daniel. I am very excited about our new book project. More soon on this page.

More about Daniel George:

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